Praise for Yoga & Coaching

"Yoga has been a new joy in my life, when I thought I would never have any left.  I want you to know how glad I am that I found you and the profound impact you are making in my life. 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears.' "
                                                                                - D.S. (chef & writer)

"I don’t know how to thank you enough for jumping in and saving me from yet another metaphorical jump w/out a parachute.  I’m feeling so good about the proposal.  You REALLY tapped into exactly what I needed to say and the format to put it in during our last coaching session.  You are TRULY amazing!"
- A.T (writer)

"Through yoga sessions with Abbie, I finally figured out how to use my core muscles in the correct way, now yoga is so much easier."
J.F. (music producer)

"Your help last week had a major impact.  Thank you SO much!!"
                                                                                - D.L. (composer)

"I was going through a very difficult transition and Abbie helped me tremendously.  She was able to piece together my past, which then explained my current situation, and gave me control over my future happiness.   I encourage everyone I know to try Abbie’s methods." 
 - K.D. (licensed massage therapist)

"I was taking group lessons at a studio and decided to take a private session after a friend recommended abbie to me.  Her adjustments and teaching informed my practice so much.  I honestly take what she taught me into all the group classes I take.  I can't wait to have another private session in a few weeks."
                                                                                - L.D. (film editor)

"Thank you again for another incredible session!  I'm so very grateful for you and our sessions."
- S.C. (professional model)

"After a hospitalization, I was physically weak and Abbie helped nurture me back to health.  She is a great yoga instructor and coach whom I highly recommend."
                                                                                - S.C. (nurse practitioner)

"Abbie's combination of yoga and pilates really works my core and legs... I was sore for three days the first time I had a session with her.  I also have intermittent wrist pain and Abbie was able to customize a routine that didn't irritate my wrists."
                                                                                - K.B. (licensed massage therapist)